Students study in Lockdown

For students, study in Lockdown is not so easy, without going to school, irregularity in their study.

Many reason, that’s why students loosing the precious time of their life. But schools are providing them online classes. Students are trying to be update their study in this Lockdown.

Here I’ll talk about the tips for easy study at home.

Nowadays, students have 24 Hours at home. First of all, we’ll divide a day in 6 periods. From morning 1st (04:00am to 08:00am) Best time period for study. In this time period mostly students don’t want to wake up, because they sleep late night nowadays. But this time for wake up and self study . Sleep fast in night and wake up early in the morning. Save your first Golden Hours . In these hours students should be Study, some Exercise and Yoga also. 2nd (08:00am to 12:00am) Now Ready for getting energy and healthy breakfast. After that Plan your new chapter or new topics. This period make you confident because you did +study in 1st period. It will be good for your positive mood.

3rd (12:00am to 04:00pm) These hours for practicing your questions. Try to revise your study portion in this period. And after this period you need to play some games, and avoid video games, In 4th (04:00pm to 08:00pm) Evening time, do some extra activities. Dinner should be done in the time period. In starting of 5th (08:00pm to 12:00pm) only first two hours for study and plans for new day and sleep at sharp 10:00pm. Remaining two hours of this period and last 6th (12:00pm to 04:00am) a good sleep of six hours . And start with your new day “Good Morning” πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ‘

Thanks so much for reading this.

2 thoughts on “Students study in Lockdown

  1. The articleπŸ“° is vry well written… Specially the time management. Parents n students are really faceing a little difficult mode to scope up with the modern techniques for online studies… This article might be vry useful as such…


  2. The article is vry nice written… Specially the time management… Actually in so called lockdown conditions both students n parents are getting little difficult to scope with online studies… Overall the tips might be help to manage the day…


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