How to know the mass without weighing?


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Let’s talk about the mass of any material.

You want to know about it, by using a formula…

Using three easy steps

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For Mass calculation without weighing any material.

Let’s supposed I give you a sheet of steel and without weighing machine, tell me the mass of sheet.

OK dear friend, yes you can tell

By using a formula

(Mass =Volume x Density )

Volume of Sheet

First of all measures the dimensions in Meter.

Height, Length and Width

For e. g. Height (0.002 m) , Length (1.2 m) and Width (2.5 m)

Volume of sheet=0.002×1.2×2.5 m³ =0.006 m³

Density of steel

Mechanical property

Density of steel in Kg/m³

Generally steel density for calculation 7860 Kg/m³

Mass Calculation

Mass of steel sheet =volume x density =0.006 x 7860 =47.16 Kg